Ivanka Trump’s Efforts to Aid Women Worldwide

Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, continues to impress in the second year of her global women’s development program. Mrs. Trump’s intention is to help 50 million women around the world “provide for their children” and “start businesses and become job creators” by 2025. She is one step closer to doing so.  

Despite the coronavirus and its effects, close to 12.6 million women were reached last year, bringing the total number aided to 24.8 million, the halfway point to the goal. Numerous governments have partnered to help bring her vision to fruition, creating opportunities in education, the economy, and skills training. Many women around the world do not have equal opportunities to better their lives, making this development essential.  

Mrs. Trump’s actions are truly remarkable, especially considering what she’s accomplished in such a short amount of time. Her work will continue in this new year since Congress has already set aside $300 million to the program. The program’s ability to build upon foreign policy could lead to even more prosperity between the US and other nations, too. 

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