How do Americans Feel about Impeachment and Big Tech?

This past week’s chaos at the US Capitol continues to affect the socio-political climate in the country. Not only are impeachment discussions over President Trump starting again, but the president’s numerous bans across social media platforms have created worry among Americans. 

With fewer than two weeks left in power for Trump, many feel that Congress would be better off using this time to respond to surging COVID numbers and uniting the nation. In fact, pollster John McLaughlin’s latest numbers show that 60 percent of Americans feel impeachment is “another waste of time and money.” Another 65 percent feel that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is “keeping the country divided.” 

Along with impeachment woes, many fear that Big Tech will censor them in the future after the way they treated President Trump, with 74 percent feeling their freedom of speech is in danger. This upcoming time of transition for America will be important in shaping a Biden presidency. With Democrats holding more control for the next two years, it will be interesting to see if polls such as this will favor their actions. 

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