Newt’s World – Episode 183: Pete Hegseth – The American Crusade Continues…

What was it like on the ground at the Save America rally on Wednesday, January 6th?  Who were President Trump’s supporters attending the rally and what did they hope to accomplish?  Newt’s guest is Pete Hegseth, who was reporting on the ground on Wednesday and talked to dozens of people.  Pete is the co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend and author of American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free.

Guest: Pete Hegseth

Capital Protest

Ashli Babbitt, protester killed at Capitol, was Air Force vet from California – New York Post

Prosecutors Charge Man Photographed in Pelosi’s Office, W.Va. Legislator Following Capitol Riot – The Hill

Double Standard

MSNBC Reporter Who Claimed Minneapolis Riots Were ‘Mostly Peaceful’ In Front of Burning Building Says We Shouldn’t Sugar Coat Capitol Riots – DailyWire

Biden: Police Would Have Treated BLM Protestors ‘Very Differently.’ Crenshaw: ‘This Is Disgusting And Divisive, Not To Mention Hypocritical And False’ – DailyWire

Left’s Hypocrisy on Full Display After D.C. ‘Insurrection’ – Issues & Insights

O’Sullivan’s First Law

It’s the Law – Washington Examiner

Cries for Unity

The Establishment Scam of ‘Unity’ – The Hill

Trump Censored on Social Media

Facebook Bars Trump Through End of His Term – New York Times

Calls Grow for Social Media Platforms to Silence Trump as Rioters Storm US Capitol – USA Today