The Inevitable Collapse for Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden may already be set up to fail as America’s next leader, and he has no one but himself to blame. His “I’m-not-Trump” message inspires little hope — and his plans and policies bring even less. 

The proposed plans by Biden’s team for boosting the economy post-coronavirus will do more harm than good, especially compared to President Donald Trump’s current actions. Other ideas such as tax increases and defense budget cuts simply bring back the stagnation of the Obama administration. Mr. Biden’s stance on foreign policy, specifically China, is incredibly soft as well, paving the way for new threats to rise against America.   

Compared to all President Trump has accomplished in just four years, Joe Biden is set up to fail. Whether he is defending himself from foreign powers or even his own radical party members, Biden will struggle to unite Americans despite what he wants you to believe.   

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