How New York is Killing Small Businesses

The coronavirus continues to surge across the country, and many states are imposing further restrictions on their citizens. The actions of Mayor Bill de Blasio and other leaders in New York are especially detrimental to the city’s growth for the future after vaccines are administered. 

Minimum wage was raised in Albany. This helped some workers in large businesses which could soak the extra cost. But it created big problems for small businesses, which continue to struggle. Many of these large companies never faced the hardships that small business owners have endured during the pandemic. For some, it was likely hard to compete with giant corporations — even before the effects of COVID-19. From regulations on ride shares to assisting McDonald’s of all places, these policies are truly baffling and causing further damage to already weakened businesses. Residents of New York and other states where these regulations are being adopted must seriously consider who they want leading their cities in the future.

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