Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom | Dec 15, 2020

Newt’s predictions and thoughts on the Georgia runoff election: “I think the more people realize that Warnock is this radical, the more trouble he is in…”


Newt Gingrich
America’s Newsroom


First of all, he said it pretty clearly. They want to take Georgia, and then they want to change the whole country. Frankly, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff with perfect candidates to do just that. They’re both radicals. I think Warnock is more radical. As I said on my newsletter at Gingrich 360, he is the most radical major party candidate for the Senate I think ever in American history. The quote you just gave is one more example. He is not just against tax cuts, but he compares the senators who voted for a tax cut in 2017 with King Herod killing children. He says you can’t serve in the military and serve God. He describes the police as thugs and gang members and says they’re an active danger to children. He is so pro-abortion that some two dozen African-American pastors have called on him publicly to back off of his position because it’s so pro-abortion. You go through all of Warnock’s things, and that’s without getting into his theology and the people he admires who believe deeply in an anti-white theology. Skipping all that, just on the normal political side, he would I think rank as the most radical candidate ever nominated by a major party to the U.S. Senate.


The sad thing is with somebody like Raphael Warnock who is an African-American pastor, you would have thought that having the lowest black unemployment in all of American history would have been seen as a good thing. Having a substantial rise in take home pay for the lowest level of workers would have been seen as a good thing. Of course, you reported another thing I have to say in passing: everybody thought Donald Trump was crazy and the New York Times and NBC attacked him for saying we could have a vaccine this year. Well, now we’re reporting one of the great triumphs of a combination of American science, American entrepreneurial companies, in a way that people literally thought six months ago was impossible. People like Warnock I’m always surprised because they reject reality, describe their fantasies, and frankly how will you unify the country as Joe Biden claims he want to, if you have a candidate who’s comparing people who voted for tax cuts to King Herod, who killed every young boy in an effort to eliminate Jesus. Here at the Christmas season, may be peculiarly inappropriate to have cited Herod and compared it to senators that voted for a tax cut for pete’s sake.


I think the more people realize that Warnock is this radical, the more trouble he is in, and with Ossoff they may have a similar effect. The most recent poll for example, shows Kelly Loeffler ahead of Warnock by three or four points. I think it will get bigger as people realize this guy has a set of values you wouldn’t want to see in the U.S. Senate.