Audio: When Christmas was Canceled, a Lesson From History

I’m reading an amazing article by Martin Bennett entitled “When Christmas was canceled: a lesson from history.” It is about when Christmas was banned in 1647 in Britain during the English civil war, and people rebelled all across the country. They said you couldn’t ban Christmas, and they actively opposed the government. It’s a remarkable story related to what you may see in the coming weeks as we come closer to the Christmas holiday.
Then you have the runoff election in Georgia with two strong Republican candidates. However, there’s still a question of whether we can win both the campaign and the election.

The number of different things is so much bigger than I would have guessed on Oct. 1, and the degree of this mess is so much greater, that I can’t tell you today how it’s going to come out. So, I’ll continue to try to brief you as much as I can, but I’m also just trying to figure out what the devil’s going on.

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