Newt’s World – Episode 153: Election 2020 – Just Follow the Constitution

Will President Trump or Vice President Biden win this election?  Don’t believe the liberal news media.  We must follow the Constitutional process set forth by our Founding Fathers. They established deadlines for when the electoral college meets and must provide their votes to Congress. Only then will we know who is President-Elect.

U.S. Election Process

The 2020 Presidential Election Provisions of the Constitution and U.S. Code – United States Archives

Social Media Censorship 

Twitter Censors and Blocks Trump’s Tweets – CBS 46

Meet Your (Chinese) Facebook Censors – New York Post

Mark Zuckerberg Donates $100M More to Help Election Offices – Associated Press

Tradition Continues; Obsessive Broadcast Coverage of Trump Still 93% Negative – Washington Times

Covering President Trump in a Polarized Media Environment – Pew Research Center

Twitter, Facebook Censor Post Over Hunter Biden Exposé – New York Post

Hillary’s Claim That Russia Interfered In Election Allowed, But Social Media Shuts Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim – DailyWire

Voter Fraud

County Lowers ‘Confidence Level’ for Ballot Signatures – Las Vegas Review Journal

Federal Judge in Nevada Rejects Emergency Motion Claiming Voter Fraud, Signature Verification Issues – WREG Memphis