Charity of the Month: Feeding America

The Gingrich Foundation

November is a busy time for many Americans as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. As we gather to give thanks for our many blessings this year, the Gingrich Foundation is proud to recognize Feeding America as its November Charity of the Month.

Feeding America works to keep millions of less fortunate Americans from going hungry. It is the leading domestic hunger relief charity in the United States, with 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs throughout the country.

Feeding America also provides important coordination between other relief organizations and large food manufacturers in order to ensure that food reaches those who are most in need. Each year, Feeding America helps feed 46 million Americans, about 5 million of whom are seniors and 12 million of whom are children. Importantly, due to COVID-19, more than 50 million people in America may be in need – including 17 million children.

Indeed, Feeding America places special emphasis on children. The Map the Meal Gap project is an ambitious study to learn more about food insecurity across America. The detailed information they collect allows Feeding America to more accurately find and help children in need. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 35 million people in American faced hunger in 2019. Before the pandemic, more than 10 million children in the United States lived in households in which food was scarce.

In addition to its important work with children, Feeding America is also conscious of the needs of seniors and rural Americans, who may have a more difficult time reaching the hunger relief services found in large cities. Undernourishment is a critical concern for people of any age, of course, and Feeding America’s effort to raise public awareness helps make sure no one goes hungry because they are forgotten.

As we approach Thanksgiving, please consider assisting our fellow Americans who are in need.