Kamala Harris: The Most Radical VP Nominee in History

by Newt Gingrich  

Sen. Kamala Harris is the most radical person ever nominated for president or vice president by a major party. Because of Joe Biden’s frailty, her potential to become president is much greater than for most vice-presidential candidates. 

Last month, Rasmussen Reports published a survey which indicted 59 percent of likely voters do not think Democratic Presidential Nominee Biden would finish his first term in office, if he is elected in November.   

Even nearly half (49 percent) of Democrats who were asked thought Biden would bow out before four years was up. This is a remarkable statistic and makes the 2020 election even more unique and important, because it means nearly half of Democrats believe they will actually be electing the vice-presidential candidate rather than the top of the ticket. Historically, voters do not heavily consider the vice-presidential candidate when voting, but in 2020, Biden’s clear weakness makes it essential to give Harris much more scrutiny than would normally be warranted. 

Of course, the liberal media constantly tries to pitch Biden as a moderate Democrat who could appeal to more people in the middle of the country. No doubt, the media will try to do the same with Harris – although it would be much more difficult.  

don’t want you to take my word for it or count on my judgement. That is why on Newt’s World, I captured some of Harriss more radical positions  – in her own words – so that Americans can hear directly from the senator how radical she is and keep that in mind as the November election approaches.   

Harris, despite being a former prosecutor, has been incredibly supportive of efforts to defund police departments; to elect radical, pro-criminal, anti-police prosecutors who simply refuse to prosecute laws against criminals; and to sow chaos in American cities.  

On ABC Good Morning on June 9, Harris said she fully supported Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcettis decision to cut  $150 million from policing to boost health and youth training programs, saying I applaud Eric Garcetti for doing what hes done.” Importantly, Harris said this on the same day that the local CBS affiliate reported crime in the City of Angels was up 250 percent in the first week of June.   

In May of 2017, she tweeted her support for Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner saying, progressive prosecutors are key to criminal justice reform like rolling back mass incarceration and ending cash bail.” And she has supported a slew of other pro-criminal, anti-police prosecutors in Chicago, Milwaukee, and elsewhere who have decided to stop prosecuting theft, public drug-use, and other so-called quality of life crimes in the name of social justice.  

Further, on June 18, Harris almost gleefully told Late Show host Stephen Colbert that the chaos happening in cities across the county [is] not going to stop before election day in November and theyre not going to stop after election day. And that should be, everyone should take note of that on both levels that they are not going to let up and they should not.”   

But Harris’ radical views on crime and public safety are only the tip of the leftwing radical iceberg. Over her years as Californias top prosecutor and later one of the states US Senators, Harris has made many more radical statements – and supported many more radical ideas.   

On immigration, she would decriminalize illegal border crossings and offer free health care to every person in the country illegally.   

On the environment, she would pass the destructive Green New Dealban all fracking, and decimate the American fossil fuel industry. She is so adamant on these issues, she would even ban plastic straws.   

But you need not take my word for it. On my latest episode of Newts World, we have found a large number of examples of Harris explaining these positions in her own words.   

This is important, because anyone who votes for the Biden-Harris ticket will not be voting for moderation or anything close to center. If more than half of likely voters are right, a vote for President Biden is really a vote for President Harris.   

That would be a vote for a dramatically more radical, dangerous America.  

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