Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends | August 31, 2020

The only way to break violence is to “keep arresting people until there’s no one left,” Newt said Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends on Monday in the wake of unrest over the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Fox and Friends
August 31, 2020


Look, this explains part of the never Trump movement because President Trump got to this extraordinary breakthrough by doing exactly the opposite of what the American foreign policy establishment had been failing at for 30 years. When I was speaker, we passed a bill to move the embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel is the only country in the world who did not allow to name their own capital. And every single year presidents, Democrat and Republican, would waive the bill and refuse to do it. Trump came in and he understood the key point, which is if you show you’re tough, in a neighborhood that’s very tough, if you prove to the Saudis and the UAE and others that you will stand up with them as allies against Iran, suddenly things become possible that were impossible under the appeasement process that had dominated both parties. I give Jared Kushner enormous credit. The first trip they took was to Riyadh where the King of Saudi Arabia had brought 54 countries, largest Muslim gathering ever to meet with the president. The president spent three full days there, constantly escorted by the king, learning, talking, opening things up. All of this was done in very close alliance with Israel. And I think you are going to see two or three more countries recognize Israel maybe even before the end of this year. It’s a great achievement. Jared Kushner has every right to be very proud of his role at the direction of his father-in-law he has taken the lead on this now for almost four years. We should look at this as the beginning — if it turns out to truly be the beginning, you start to see Kuwait or Sudan or even Saudi Arabia, you just changed the whole region.


Sure. But it goes beyond that in Kenosha, they just arrested three out of state vehicles when they frankly trailed them and found them at a gas station filling up containers with gasoline and they opened up the vehicles and they had all sorts of combat equipment and they had clearly come for the purpose of bringing violence to Kenosha. Look, I am very hard line on this. I’m a historian. I lived through the violence of the 1960s when we had 2500 bombings in this country. The only way you break this is you just keep arresting people until there is no one left. And I think they need to take every video they can. They need to ask people to send us whatever video you might have taken, they need to track these people down. They need to charge them with the highest possible crime. And the reason is simple. You have to break the fever by which these people on the left, Antifa and others, have come to believe that they have the right, as they just did in Portland where they killed a Trump supporter and by the way almost none of the news media were willing to say that this was a Trump supporter killed by somebody on the left. I watched the mayor last night, Mayor Wheeler and frankly it was so pathetic for 45 minutes he said 94 days of violence. And his answer to it was to plead with people to not be violent. And to blame Trump which by the way Joe Biden did. A totally dishonest analysis. You know, the cities that are in big trouble are all left-wing cities with left wing mayors, Chicago, I mean, people are fleeing these cities. New York. St. Louis. And I think you are going to see this continue. Until we, in fact, stand up for civilization and say no, you don’t have the right and by the way, assault is saying things which are a direct threat to a person. You don’t have to actually attack them, that’s battery. You can be guilty of assault and that’s imprisonable offense. And until we are prepared to defend civilization, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are predators. My next newsletter Democrat as the lion king party they all behave as though there are no predators. All behave as though lions and zebras love each other. This is insanity and we should say what that is. This is not ideological debate. This is a group of people simply wrong about reality and as a result stores are being destroyed. Businesses are being wind out. People are being damaged. Because we don’t have people willing to stand up for civilization.