What Newt’s Reading | July 31, 2020

What Newt’s Reading

Dr. Anderson raises the warning flag on the global threat from the build-up of China’s nuclear arsenal. – Newt

China’s Arms Buildup Threatens the Nuclear Balance
By James Anderson
The New York Times

The Cold War, often defined by the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union, ended decades ago. Today, however, China is the one quietly expanding its nuclear arsenal. China is expected at least to double the size of its nuclear stockpile over the next decade, and it’s expanding production facilities to make more weapons more quickly. China is acting in violation of the principles of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, first signed into international law 50 years ago. If global pressure is not applied against China’s nuclear expansion, then the Chinese Communist Party might just kick off another arms race with the United States and Russia.

The Lincoln Project bills itself as Republicans against Trump, but it is a group of failed GOP operatives who are now just producing ads for Twitter clicks and praise from their left media friends. – Newt

The Lincoln Project Is Just Another Way for Hacks to Milk (Liberal) Donors
By Rich Lowry
The New York Post

The Lincoln Project says that its objective is to oust President Trump from the White House, but infamous advertisements are hardly directed toward the demographics necessary to woo undecided voters. These ads are primarily directed toward Twitter and its far-left userbase. The Lincoln Project has raised a shocking amount of money from progressive donors by actively attacking any senator with an “R” next to his or her name on the ballot. The Lincoln Project claims to be made up of Never-Trump Republicans, but its donor base and ad targets reveal that the PAC is just another Democratic grift.

Victor Joecks points out very well how the media has downplayed the significance of the violence happening nightly in Portland. – Newt

The Media’s Insane Whitewashing of Portland’s Violence
By Victor Joecks
The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Anarchists continue to let Portland burn, and the media is blind to its collapse. “Peaceful protesters” have thrown bombs at courthouses, started fires in the streets, and assaulted police officers. Through all of this chaos, the news media continues to insist that the protests are largely peaceful. Mass shootings, in contrast, are recognized by the media as tragic and violent. Why is it that these protests, which are anything but peaceful, are not characterized the same way? The mainstream media will refuse to report on any story that does not fit its narrative.

This important article describes the strength and leadership of Defense Secretary Esper. – Newt

In Defense of Mark Esper
By James Carafano and Thomas Spoehr
The Hill

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is a favorite target of the left. Esper is often accused of sending the military to stand against the anarchist protests in Portland and the crime wave sweeping Chicago. This month, Esper was able to set the record straight about the left’s most egregious claims, clarifying that no military units have taken part in law enforcement activity and that the National Guard had no part in the clearing of the crowd in Lafayette Park. Esper continues to stand with the president’s doctrine of law and order without getting the US military involved. Furthermore, Esper has expanded research on Artificial Intelligence and hypersonic missiles while keeping critical nuclear modernization systems. Esper has done an excellent job keeping America safe.

I agree with Rep. Ann Wagner that President Trump and his administration have done more than previous presidents to empower women in the United States and around the globe. – Newt

Administration Is Leading the Way in Empowering Women and Girls
By Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO)
The Hill

Contrary to the left’s narrative, the Trump administration has made women’s empowerment a central tenet of American foreign policy. The president signed the Women, Peace, and Security Act in 2017 to promote women’s involvement in global conflict prevention. More recently, President Trump established the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative to help 50 million women in developing countries by 2025. His battles against online sex trafficking and support for childcare accessibility make the president a valuable ally for women at home and abroad.