Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends | Fox News Channel | July 6, 2020

Newt on Fox News Channel explains that President Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore was the most “important speech since Ronald Reagan” at Westminster in 1982.


July 6, 2020


Well, look, I think the president in his amazing speech at Mount Rushmore, which I think may have been the most important presidential speech since Ronald Reagan at Westminster in ’92. Really began to tell the truth and lay it out in a way that would make the New York Times and the Washington Post and the major media very very uncomfortable. Liberalism has been transformed into anti-Americanism. You are dealing with mobs. You have a 7-year-old killed in Chicago; an 8-year-old killed in Atlanta these are not killed by policemen. They are killed by predators and people talk about reducing the number of police which is going to increase the number of murders. No one has a right to tear down any statue. You have a right to petition the government and if you are successful, the government can move the statue. The government can destroy the statue but no mob has the right to select who they want to destroy and at some point, we’re going to have to have the kind of intervention where people going to start getting locked up in large numbers and they get sent away for a very long time. In the late 1960s, when we had 2,500 bombing ultimately was broken because we in fact locked people up. And these were bad people. People destroying these statues are bad people. People killing these young girls are bad people. And Trump had the guts to say it when he was speaking Saturday night in South Dakota.


Sure, I think if you look at the 97 second Fourth of July message from Biden which the most anti-American message Anti-American message that has been given. I went back and looked at Obama for 8 years. Obama sounded more like Trump than he sounded like Biden. Biden’s 97 seconds is filled with hatred for America and disgust with America. And I think Biden now basically accepted the entire anti-American left vision. And what he means by that is going to take over the country. They’re going to close down the right of free speech. They will take care of the teacher’s union rather than students. They are going to do anything they have to do to make sure that they never lose again. And then Pelosi has already given you a $3 trillion blueprint which Biden has already said he would sign which includes, for example, $1,200 checks to stimulate illegal immigration. So, every illegal immigrant would automatically get a $1,200 check. Do you think that’s a good idea? You have a team over there with Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, they will be happy to transform America.


Look, I think we have challenges from everything from crime where the Democrats favor criminals over the police. The schools where the Democrats favors the teacher’s union over children learning, to getting our economy growing again, to dealing with China where the Democrats have consistently kowtowed to Beijing and where Trump has shown the courage to stand up to the Chinese dictatorship. I think you can go through item after item to basic values, as your last guest was saying, and I agree with her entirely I do admire by the way she is raising nine children which is amazing. Her point was the schools are now riven not with liberalism but with anti-Americanism. And we have a generation being taught to dislike their own country. I think these kind of challenges are very real. I also think you have a challenge of making sure that we help the poorest Americans. When you look at the murder rate in Chicago, when you look at the rising murder rate in New York, part of it, not all of it, but part of it is that these are neighborhoods of despair and we ought to have a much more bold and dramatic approach to tying to help  people break out and be able to pursue happiness, earn a decent living and have a better future for their children.

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