Newt’s World Episode 91: Race in America: A New Generation of Solutions

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th, we have begun a new national dialogue about race relations and policing in America.  What do we need to do to come together as Americans to solve this crisis?  Newt’s guest is Gerard Robinson.

Guest: Gerard Robinson

Riots and Reason in Five Acts

Gerard Robinson Twitter

History of US Race Riots

A Timeline of US Race Riots Since 1965 – VOA News

Watts riots records, 1965 – University of Southern California

Bush and LA Riots

Bush on Los Angeles Riots –

22 March 1991: President Bush Sickened by Rodney King Case – The Guardian

Bush Reaction to Los Angeles Police Trial – CSPAN

Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department, 1991 – University of Southern California