Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends | Fox News Channel | June 22, 2020

Newt weighs in on the push to remove historical statues amid unrest and reacts to Attorney General Bill Barr’s warning about the threat the U.S. faces from China.


Fox and Friends


Well, they also just steal secrets by using cyber-attacks. They have an entire unit of the People’s Liberations Army just outside of Beijing whose only job is to steal American secrets. So, the former Director of National Intelligence under Obama, Jim Clapper said at one-point they steal about $500 billion a year. That is, they steal more in secrets then all the sales we make to China combined. I think the Attorney General is right, but he left out one thing. Which is if they get to be the technologically dominant country in the world, they will dominate the world. We are in a contest now with a totalitarian dictatorship, the Chinese Communist Party, whose specific goal is to dominate the entire planet by just shear mass. They have a billion 300 million people; they can also have the most advanced technology. It will be very, very hard to deal with them. This is really a matter of life and death. In fact, I have an entire chapter in my new book Trump and the American Future which talks about China and the threat from China.


Well, look, I’m a huge fan of the American Museum of Natural History. And in fact, Calista and I have a small scholarship there for paleontology students. But I think she is probably right for two reasons. One if you look at the statue in its whole, it’s really perfect example of the white supremacist feeling of the era of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, et cetera. Two, if they don’t move it somewhere safe it, will sooner or later be destroyed. Because it is so — I’m a huge Theodore Roosevelt fan that particularly statue is clearly out of its time. But the answer is to put it somewhere as a teaching device, not to destroy it. The other example, I wrote a piece this week in my newsletter that you can you get at Gingrich 360 for free. I said you are dealing here with barbarians. Grant was not only the Union General who defeated the confederacy and the slaves in the slave states. Is he also the president who sent in the Union Army to break up the Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina. It was Democrats who were defending the Ku Klux Klan and segregation while the Republicans were actually willing to use the federal military in order to break it up. So, you have people who are totally ignorant. They don’t know anything. They are out there destroying things. And they remind me a lot of the Taliban when it destroyed the two giant buddha statues in 2001. These people are anti-civilization. And in places like Seattle, we need to understand no one has to the right to stop the police from going to help someone who have been shot. When this kind of stuff happened in Mississippi in the civil rights era, we sent in the FBI. They tracked down the people and they ultimately locked them all up. Sooner or later we will have to defend those Americans who are being held hostage by a radical group in Seattle.


Well I wrote it because I felt we were going to need a handbook of how to win the arguments this summer and fall. There has been so much false media attacking the president that when you put together what the real choices are between the machine of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer vs. what President Trump has done. I think basically my book Trump and the American Future gives anybody who is pro-Trump a really good tool to be able to win the argument with their friends and to be able to understand how to put in context what’s going on. And I think that it’s really a key decisive moment. This may be the most important election since 1860 and the election of Abraham Lincoln. The choice between a Biden, Pelosi, Schumer future and a Trump, McConnell and McCarthy future, that gap is so gigantic. And I tried to capture that in Trump and the American Future as a way of helping people understand why this election matters far more than most elections.