Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends | Fox News Channel | June 16, 2020

Newt reacts to the upcoming release of John Bolton’s tell-all book on Trump’s White House.


Fox and Friends


Oh, I think clearly the country is reaching a consensus that there have to be steps taken to improve police training, to limit the use of things like chokehold. I suspect there will be presently a requirement that every policeman has to have some kind of camera that’s automatically on every time they are on active duty and I think there is an effort here to recognize that out of over 800,000 policemen, the vast overwhelming majority want to be good, solid police, doing the right things, and you’ve got to have some ability to get the system rid of people who are bad apples. And in the case of one of the people in the Minneapolis, I think they had citation after citation after citation, and at that time, the contract with the union kept them in their job even though they clearly should not have been there anymore, so I think you’re going to see serious effort around the country to create a sort of ability to get rid of bad apples. Which candidly is also something that should be applied to the government schools of these big cities who also have provisions that block you from getting rid of people who are really bad teachers so it’s a big problem in the bigger cities with the way their contracts are setup.


Well, I mean, I have enormous respect for Tim Scott. I’ve campaigned and known him for many many years, long before he got to the senate. I think he’s going to produce a solid responsible bill. My guess is it will go through the senate on a bipartisan basis and I hope that speaker Pelosi will be able to actually work on a bipartisan basis on this topic. And you have a country right now which has a very real problem in city after city and of course, some of it and Portland is a good example. Portland was the original home of ANTIFA back in 2003 so it’s not any great surprise that Portland has a huge problem, because for years, the liberal politicians who run the city have backed off and given antifa more and more and more ability to cause trouble. And now it’s blowing up just as it did north of there in Seattle. That’s going to take a while to have a conversation about exactly what is going on and I think that you’ve also got to ask the question, which will be a newsletter I’m doing in the very near future. Is our real goal here black success or white guilt? The effort on the left is to run around chanting about white guilt and automatic white racism et cetera. I don’t think it builds a single building; I don’t think it teaches a single child. I think what we ought to have and what the president was moving towards before COVID was the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans in history lowest unemployment rate for Latinos. When everybody in the community can get a job and they have a real chance to rise you begin to have I think a much better situation and you begin to get people who aren’t quite as angry.


Well, I think that there is a very serious issue about executive privilege and I’ve been frankly very surprised and very disappointed in the way that Ambassador Bolton has pursued this and I’ve known John for many many years and I just think that this is so totally out of character for him, and he has a real potential legal problem. I mean, I don’t think the attorney general is speaking for president trump as a candidate and the attorney general say we have a set of laws and a set of agreements and you have to go through this process. Everybody else has to go through that process so why shouldn’t John Bolton have to go through this process and it’s not up to his publisher to decide whether or not they’ve gone through the process. It’s a legal problem. This is not a PR problem.