Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom Fox News Channel, May 27, 2020

Newt tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ if Twitter isn’t ‘careful’ they may risk being a regulated public institution rather than the ‘totally free entrepreneur institution.


America’s Newsroom


Well look I think it has to be a great concern certainly to any conservative, that the three key social media Twitter, Facebook and Google are all located in one of the most radical left-wing parts of America. And they expressed that in their biases. What Twitter called fact-check was not true. They went to left-wing publications to get a left-wing version. The president is correct, we have seen a lot of theft of vote, we have seen a lot of mail being lost. There are all sorts of challenges with going through an all-mail program for voting. And for Twitter to suggest otherwise is just false. And also, dangerous to have institutions that bake that are prepared, I mean it would be as though AT&T decided that they could censor what you set on the telephone and it’s a very dangerous. I think Twitter is going down a very dangerous path and if they are not careful, they are going to become a regulated public institution rather than the totally free entrepreneurial institution.


Well and they are bringing in people who are very very far left. I think its Google has now just recently brought in and of women who have been advising the Chinese Communist Party and who was actively opposed to Google working with the American Defense Department. You look at some of these people, and you think to yourself they are totally out of touch with every day America and I think that at some point they are going to run a real risk of having some interventions that I don’t want to see happen but you can have a free speech dominated by an institution which is determined only to allow it side to speak. That’s what all three of those institutions, Facebook, Google and Twitter, have a track record of becoming more and more anti-conservative so it’s not just President Trump, it’s anyone in America who has a traditional value or a traditional sense of patriotism or a traditional sense of American history. All of them are under siege in the social media groups.


What we have seen with Vice President Biden more and more frequently is that he will probably end up putting this behind him by saying something even stranger. He has going through a series of mistakes and gaffs and misstatements that keep piling up. And I think that it’s a very mixed question in my mind that he’s better off to hide and not campaign at all and just let the anti-Trump vote carry himself. Or whether he is better to go out in public and let everybody see it, he’s really not prepared to be a president at a time of crisis, you can just tell, you watch him. I don’t think he has the energy; I don’t think he has the ability to decide forcefully. And he is making mistakes that alienate a lot of people so it’s going to be an interesting campaign but it’s going to be very different once we get into the campaign than a lot of people think.