Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom Fox News Channel | May 13, 2020

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich blasts House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for spreading falsehoods about Russia and Donald Trump for three years.


America’s Newsroom


Look it’s just one more outrageous effort by the old order, deep state if you prefer, to cause pain. If the justice department comes in and says we are not going to prosecute this, what are the grounds for the judge saying, well I don’t care, I want you to prosecute it even if you have decided you can’t prosecute. This is one more old boy example of trying to do something to cause pain to somebody that Barack Obama disliked deeply and the fact is that I think General Flynn after all of his years of serving the country and risking his life deserves a heck of a lot better treatment than he has been given either by the FBI, President Obama or this judge.


Well I hope we do. I mean certainly, the testimony that the acting attorney general did not know what was going on and what surprised that the president of the United States, President Obama knew what was going on, but she didn’t. That ought to tell us something is very fishy. Look the level of corruption that we are seeing, whether the corruption is Adam Schiff lying for three straight years or the corruption is frankly large parts of the news media repeating the lies, or the corruption is the FBI’s top leadership having broken the law, or potentially, the president of the United States having basically engaged in a vendetta. I mean, this is, I don’t remember any occasion in American History where — except maybe Lincoln in the Civil War, where an incoming administration had this kind of institutional hostility expressed at every level. It was an effort to try to destroy Trump before he could begin to change things.


Of course, she knows why they did it, they did it because they hate the level of change that President Trump represents and frankly as the former speaker of the house my advice to the president would be, do not give anything to the intelligence committee. Do not allow anyone to work with the house intelligence committee. As long as Adam Schiff is still there. We now have documented evidence that for three years this guy deliberately and maliciously lied. Why would you cooperate with an intelligence committee chairman who is a clear proven liar? I think the president should just cut him off and say, when you want to get me an intelligence committee I can trust, I will work with him. But this guy is impossible.