Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends | Fox News Channel | May 12, 2020

Newt weighs in on allegations that Chinese President Xi pressured the World Health Organization to delay a global warning about COVID-19.


Fox and Friends


It’s interesting. I just did a podcast with the head of BlueDot which is a Canadian firm which tracks viruses, pandemics. They warned as early as December 31st that something was going on in Wuhan. They didn’t predict a pandemic at that point. But they said clearly it was moving towards some type of epidemic. And the truth is, the absolute fact, let’s put it this way is that the World Health Organization misinformed the world long after people knew this was a pandemic. The Chinese misinformed the world. Now, the World Health Organization could claim that it had been lied to by China. But it won’t claim that because the head of the World Health Organization was elected with the support of the Chinese. And has been fronting for the Chinese. So, the question I would raise and Xi Jinping the secretary general of the Chinese Communist Party could easily answer this if he wanted to. Let people come in and look at the records. When did he know this was a pandemic? Why didn’t he tell anybody? They won’t let anyone come in. And then they want us to believe the people responsible for several hundred thousand deaths and trillions of economic damage, that we should trust them. I think it’s ludicrous.


Look. I think President Trump finds himself very conflicted because at one level he recognizes this is the second biggest economy in the world. And we has a major producer for a lot of medicines we buy. They produce a lot of other things we need to get through the pandemic. One hand doesn’t want to so alienate them nothing can get done. On the other hand, turn around attacking us. They have a worldwide propaganda campaign underway against the United States. They are in a bitter name calling contest against Secretary of State Pompeo. And I think at some level they are also actively expanding in the South China Sea. They are actively spending in Italy where I’m talking to you from. And by the way a 3.3 magnitude earthquake here last night on top of everything else that’s going on. Italy is an epicenter for a lot. But I think that the fact is the Chinese dictatorship is increasingly, obviously self-centered, willing to exploit everybody else and stunningly dishonest. And that makes it a pretty bad citizen and I think it’s pretty hard to get around that.


Look, what have you here is a huge national crisis. You have the worst unemployment since the Great Depression. You have people losing their lives every day. You have a need for America to come together. And you have in Speaker Pelosi a bitter, hard partisan who is so far to the left that she was in Chinatown encouraging people to ignore all of this a couple weeks ago. It’s very hard to understand why the Democratic Party is increasingly the pro-Chinese Communist Party. If you listen to what Joe Biden says, it’s very favorable to Chinese communists. If you listen to Pelosi, very favorable to the Chinese communists. It’s really mystifying why  they are going down this road when it is so obvious to virtually everybody else in the world that, in fact, it’s the Chinese communist dictatorship which has caused this enormous level of pain literally to the entire planet.