Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom Fox News Channel | May 7, 2020

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tell Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has got to find an answer regarding former Senate staffer Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault to satisfy the political left or risk an elongated attack in the months prior to November.


America’s Newsroom


Well, I think he has a unique challenge because the left wing of the Democratic Party has made such an enormous effort on these kinds of attacks. So, if you look back at what they did last year to the proposed Supreme Court Justice, look what happened to Senator Franken in Minnesota. So, they really have a deep emotional commitment and I think Biden is not meeting that commitment. And so, what’s happened is people first ignored it and then people on the left began to write about it and then as they listen to themselves, they began to get more upset about it, so they’ve been writing more about it. And in a sence he’s caught in the trap, my good friend Claire Berlinski wrote a blog written about the age of hysteria. We are faced with enormous challenges in terms of the Chinese, the coronavirus, the economy, and we are trapped into this kind of endless repetitive news cycle and I think that is what Biden is trapped in. He’s got to figure out an answer that will satisfy his left, where this will just be a running sore from now until election day and that’s a very big challenge for him.


I thought the letter by the reporter who helped found Politico to the New York Times who basically said I don’t want an investigation; I want a coronation. The only thing I care about is beating Trump, please don’t report anything negative about Joe Biden. I thought that was the most honest reporter on the left that I have seen in a long time. Because he laid it all out, he is not going to cover anything negative about Joe Biden if he can avoid it. And I thought that it was refreshingly honest even if it is a little disturbing when it comes to the idea of an honest media. But I think it’s a peculiar problem of the left because this is what they staked their claim to and it’s a little like Slavia Ronioloff in Florence in the middle ages. You start establishing a standard that’s impossible. Then you find yourself caught up in your own standard. And then suddenly the crowd starts to turn. I think now the democrats have a very significant challenge ahead of them. Biden has got to find an answer and part of it’s going to be he’s going to have to release documents. It’s actually probably better for him, even if the documents prove that Tara Reade is telling the truth. It’s probably better for him to get it out in the open now, rather than have this drip, drip, drip attack for the entire rest of the spring and summer.


It’s impossible. Biden ran in every primary and he has won millions and millions of votes, the only person who could plausibly replace him is Bernie Sanders who ran in every primary and won millions and millions of votes. The idea that someone who is not contested, not attempted it, not been out there and not won a single vote is going to somehow going to be imposed on the party. By who? What magic secret group is going to do this? Biden will be the democratic nominee because it’s virtually impossible to replace him. And frankly there would be such an outrage that it would shatter the party. And people would be so offended at some secret group imposing Cuomo or anybody else, that I think it would be utterly impossible.