Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends Fox News Channel: May 4, 2020

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Monday made clear that the ongoing feud between the United States and China involves a “competition with a dictatorship with no sense of honesty.” Newt Gingrich explains how President Trump can get the U.S. economy back to the levels it was before COVID-19 pandemic.


Fox and Friends


Well, I think we don’t know some of their motivation, but we know what they did. And I think if the Chinese wanted to clear this up, the dictatorship could allow American and other western scientists and medical doctors to visit Wuhan, to visit the labs to interview the people involved. I think Secretary Pompeo was almost certainly right when he said that the preponderance of the evidence now is that it came out of the military labs. It did not come out of the markets. And, if that’s true. That raises some very serious questions. There has been a long period of people warning about the Chinese labs that they are very badly run. They are very unstable. That people have a real propensity to leak out of them. And you have to recognize, you are talking about probably by the time this is over, more than 400,000 people worldwide will have died because of the Chinese dictatorship. This is directly the fault of the dictatorship which as early as November, had its first cases and as early as the middle of December began to realize that there was an epidemic in Wuhan and lied to the entire planet until very late January and has never allowed any of the western scientists or doctors to come in to Wuhan and find out what happened. So, I think the burden of proof is on the Chinese. And I think that frankly the Congress ought to be holding hearings on this. We ought to be adopting legislation to allow Americans to sue the Chinese government for their loved ones and we ought to be looking at reparations from China. I think the Germans have indicated they think the Chinese owe them $149 billion for the damage they did to the German economy. The amount here would be incalculably bigger.


Well, I think, I saw something correctly this morning, she has indicated they are probably going to come back next Monday. I think there is no excuse for either the House or the Senate not to be in session. You can’t ask the rest of America to take risk. Every truck driver, every grocery store clerk, you know, every first responder, millions of Americans are taking risk and it’s reasonable to ask our elected officials in a prudent way, following social distancing, washing their hands and when appropriate wearing a mask. But it’s still they ought to be at work and really paying attention both to the Chinese role but also what’s happening at home.


Well, look. I just went through all of yesterday’s interviews. The democratic governor of New Jersey was praising Trump. Governor Cuomo of New York has praised Trump. Even the governor of Illinois admitted that the Federal Government has come through with a lot of resources. Governor Newsom in California, a Democrat, has praised Trump. So, I think that Biden has got to say something – it doesn’t matter whether it makes any sense or not. And I think he is in a difficult spot right now. So, I think he — you have to assume he will attack the president. But the fact is when the president correctly cut off travel from China, it was Biden who attacked him and said it was racist. It was xenophobic. So, Biden has to look back and say was Trump right? I think everybody agrees he was. Was Trump right or should we have followed the Biden policy which would have allowed another couple hundred-thousand Chinese to fly in bring with them the pandemic.