Poll Results: Should A COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory?

We had an overwhelming response to the question posed on April 22. We asked: Should a COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory? A decisive 1,473 out of the 1,697 opinion submissions (or 86.8%) responded, “No, it should be a choice”. The other 13.2% of submissions responded with “Yes, make it mandatory.” This represents a large opinion gap, which leads us to believe that our readers prefer to choose if they receive a vaccines or not. Considering a vaccine will not be safe enough for mass distribution for a little while, it is difficult to say what the opinion will be once the vaccine arrives.  

Disclaimer: These polls are to measure the opinions of our readers, and the results reflect the views of those who choose to respond. These polls are opinion-based and not proven, nor based on scientific methods of sampling, data collection, and analysis. We encourage all readers to be informed and educated based on scientific methods of data collections.

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