Newt’s World – Episode 643: Richard Nixon – California’s Native Son

Newt talks with Paul Carter about his new biography, “Richard Nixon: California’s Native Son.”

Richard Nixon was the only U.S. president born and raised in California.  He had a remarkable romance with his wife Pat, and followed a unique path into politics that lead him to Washington, D.C. and the nation’s highest office. In his new book, “Richard Nixon: California’s Native Son,” author Paul Carter describes Nixon’s deep, defining roots in California and challenges common misconceptions about our thirty-seventh president.  Carter spent over a decade reviewing archival material about Nixon’s life – some of which has never been written about before. Newt’s guest is Paul Carter. He is an attorney with more than twenty years of experience in investigation and trial work.

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Guest: Paul Carter

Paul Carter
Paul Carter
Richard Nixon: California's Native Son
Richard Nixon: California’s Native Son

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