Newt Gingrich on the Ingraham Angle | February 3, 2021

Newt gives his thoughts on how the left hopes to change traditional America and just how radical their agenda is.


Newt Gingrich
The Ingraham Angle
February 3, 2021


I think the most accurate way to summarize all this is these people are insane. It’s not a political debate or an ideological debate. First of all, if you are in a country where Antifa has been occupying parts of Portland for 130 days, if you are in a country where all of us watched violence across the whole country last summer by Black Lives Matter and Antifa and those left-wing groups, and then you have a guy like this get on and compare supporters of Donald Trump with Al Qaeda, suggest the techniques used in Afghanistan and use them instead in Albany, New York, or Georgia. This is sick. I think we need to understand this is not politics, this is pathology. These are people who are so deeply, bitterly anti-American. We can’t build a wall on the south to protect the United States from foreigners but we will build a fence around the U.S. Capitol to protect the capital from Americans. Now what kind of mind-set thinks you have to have a fence around the capital against Americans but of course, walls don’t work, therefore, you don’t want a wall on the south. We deal with all of this much too rationally. I say this is a former Speaker of the House: what the Democrats are about to do in the House, if they move and they decide Republican members committee assignments, they have destroyed two centuries of tradition. When the Republicans take over as they will in 2023, I hope they will insist that every Democrat apply to the Republicans for their committee assignments and not a single one gets an assignment. This is madness. What Pelosi is doing is madness. I use these words deliberately: these are not political problems, these are deeply psychological problems on the level of anger and hate that is way beyond anything we could discuss.


It is. This is a deliberate war against everybody whose views would be considered traditionally American. And consider, they have on the Intelligence Committee somebody who the FBI has told them had a multiyear relation with a communist spy. Now that’s not really a problem, because after all, communist China is not really a bad country. If you go down the list you begin to realize that these people operate in a different universe. What happened I think was is Trump scared them, and for the first time they saw all of their dreams and all their hopes disappearing and their reaction has been one of ferocity, which I find frightening. I worry for anybody who is openly, publicly in favor of traditional America because you don’t know what the left is going to do.


It also starts with the premise that somebody on the left can say anything that’s nutty, and they are at least at least given initial credence and we are told to believe it. You can look at case after case where things turn out not to be true. But for a long stretch, the media treats them as true and I think AOC is a classic example of someone who is a pure demagogue. I have no idea what’s true, I don’t know what she thinks is true, and I have no idea what she’s saying just for effect. Not just about this but across the whole board. I think we have to recognize this is a very serious moment in American history.

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