Newt Gingrich on Hannity | November 17, 2020

Newt: I think President Trump owes it to the American people to not concede until we’ve had honest and accurate counts in the disputed states…. It denies common sense not to believe that they were stealing.”


Newt Gingrich
Nov. 17, 2020


Well, I think start with the fact that you have a secretary of state who is totally in the pocket of Stacy Abrams, who has agreed to some rules that are crazy so that for example you can’t go back out and revalidate absentee ballots. In 2018, they had 3.5 percent rejection rate on absentee ballots with four times as many ballots this year it’s 0.3, that is they had over ten times as many ballots rejected, the difference being about 39,000. That all the deal that the Secretary of State cut with Stacy Abrams back in the spring. You go through item after item. It tells you the difference between the two parties, she’s not worrying about buying TV ads, she’s worried about mobilizing 600,000 voters without any regard to what the campaign is like and unless the Republicans fix the flawed election system, they stand a very real chance of losing the election even if they win the campaign because the Democrats will simply manufacture as many votes as they need as you said, the beginning of this canvas, every day they find an additional county that has an additional area that by the way all of them by the way been for Trump hadn’t reported or hadn’t been counted yet. Now it’s not huge, but I think they cut the margin by over 1,000 votes for Biden just in this first phase. Also, it’s a question of how many people voted twice, that is they voted by absentee and then they walked in and voted in the ballot box. The secretary of state estimated during the primaries that it was about 1,000 people; we haven’t seen any numbers yet on how many there are during the general election. So, I’m very concerned that even though I think Warnock is an extraordinary radical candidate. And that essentially Ossoff is the production of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, nonetheless, even if we win the campaign, if we don’t fix this election system. And the governor and the secretary of state have been absolutely useless in trying to get this thing fixed. We have the house; we have the senate. The Georgia legislature could come in next Monday they could fix a fair amount of this, they could also demand an accurate recount, and simply note that the agreement the secretary of state signed back in the spring change Georgia law . He doesn’t have the power to do that, the Constitution says those powers are reserved for the legislature not to the secretary of the state or the court. So, I just want you to know I’m extremely concerned that this will be stolen no matter how good the campaign is.


Look I think President Trump owes it to the American people to not concede until we’ve had an honest and accurate counts in the states you’re describing. In the case of Georgia for example, one of the largest voting centers in Fulton county told the Republican poll watchers at 10:00 P.M. at night that everyone was going home and as soon as the Republicans left, they went back and counted ballots for three more hours with nobody there watching them. It denies common sense not to believe that they were stealing. You have in Nevada and even worse case if you listen to Adam Lasoff the former attorney general of Nevada. The legislature there in the model that fits Tammany Hall have legislated illegality as a legal system. So, there are 600,000 votes in Nevada that nobody has seen. I’m doing a podcast this week at Gingrich360 specifically talking to people around the country we’re going to do every state that has a contest is getting their own podcast.


When I learned that these votes were going through Barcelona Spain to Frankfurt, Germany to be counted, this is madness, this is utterly crazy. I think we have to take this whole system apart and recognize that this is, this election is a great one for the American people to decide because they want to have an honest election where they get to pick their leaders or they just want corrupt machines such as the one Stacy Abrams is building to run the system, or the Nevada legislature and governor, the democrats have literally built a corrupt system but made it legal because the legislature and the governor signed a law which I think will not hold up in federal court because it so blatantly dishonest.