The Complete Trump Collection

Product Description

This set includes the No. 1 national Best Sellers, Understanding Trump, Trump’s America, Trump Vs. China, and Trump and the American Future.  All four books are autographed by Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Understanding Trump: The presidency of Donald Trump marked a profound change in the trajectory of American government, politics, and culture. The movement that put him in office, and his administration, represent a phenomenon that it is worth studying. In the No. 1 New York Times Best Seller, Understanding Trump, Speaker Gingrich provides unique insight into how the new president’s past experience has shaped his life and style of governing. This book also includes Speaker Gingrich’s thorough analysis of how President Trump thinks and makes decisions, as well as the president’s philosophy, doctrine, and political agenda going forward.

Trump’s America: No one understands the Make America Great Again effort with more insight and more experience than former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. In his 2018 No. 1 national Best Seller, Trump’s America, Speaker Gingrich illustrates how our nation’s 45th President is leading our country’s great comeback. From the fight over the Southern Border Wall, to the Republican tax cuts, to the swamp’s unending efforts to undermine and oppose the President, Trump’s America lays out the truth about the Trump presidency – the truth the mainstream media won’t tell you.

Trump Vs. China:  Every American needs to understand the threat to America’s safety and prosperity posed by China’s reemergence as a world power. Unlike our other economic and military rivals, China is the only country big enough and with enough human resources to compete with us everywhere in the world. From the point of view of Beijing, China has a long history of dominating the world, and the past century of Western dominance is only a temporary blip. Speaker Gingrich’s Trump vs. China will serve as a rallying cry for the American people and a plan of action for our leaders in government and the private sector. Written in a language that every American can understand, but still rich in detail and accurate in fact, Trump vs. China will lay out China’s multi-pronged attack against the United States and what we must do to combat it.

Trump and the American Future: When Donald and Melania Trump came down the long escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 to announce his candidacy for president, the old order began to fall apart. When candidate Trump defeated 16 Republicans to become the Republican nominee for president, the old order on the right collapsed. When the shocking election result of 2016 shattered the news media and the left, the country fell into a cultural civil war – which has continued every day for more than three years. Speaker Gingrich puts this kaleidoscope of change into context and outlines the choices Americans face in what may be the most decisive election of our lifetimes. No presidential contest since 1860 has presented the American people with a decision more definitive than the 2020 election offers. It is the radical democratic left vs President Trump.