Christmas in America

Product Description

This copy of Christmas in America is autographed by Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich.

Ellis the Elephant is back! In “Christmas in America,” the fifth in Callista Gingrich’s New York Times best-selling series, Ellis discovers the meaning of Christmas and learns how this special holiday has been celebrated throughout American history.

In preceding books, including “Sweet Land of Liberty,” “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride,” “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” and “From Sea to Shining Sea,” Ellis learns about the pivotal moments that have shaped our nation. Now, in Christmas in America, this adorable pachyderm explores the tales and traditions that have made Christmas a cherished part of the American experience.

Authored by Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich and illustrated by Susan Arciero, “Christmas in America” will delight readers who want to discover how the celebration of Christmas has prevailed and brought out the best in our nation.