Schumer and the Democratic Elites Willfully Ignore Terrorist Threats to Israel and America

by Newt Gingrich

Following President Biden’s suggestion that Israel should turn the Gazan city of Rafah into a sanctuary city for Hamas terrorists, Senator Schumer went a step further. Mr. Schumer called for the replacement of the duly elected Prime Minister of Israel.

Mr. Schumer then unilaterally declared that Israel’s effort to defeat the terrorists who slaughtered, raped, and tortured its citizens was no longer acceptable to the rest of the planet. Like virtually all of the American elite, including Mr. Biden, Mr. Schumer called for a two-state solution to the problem of Gaza.

Let’s be clear: Allowing Hamas to survive at Rafah would be an enormous strategic defeat for Israel — and a great victory for terrorism. It would guarantee future assaults on Israeli civilians. This is not a theory. Hamas’ basic position is, “not a single Jew will remain.” Mr. Schumer is the highest-ranking elected Jewish official in America. You would think he would be bothered by Hamas’ commitment to genocide.

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