New Year’s Resolutions for America 2022

By Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich and Speaker Newt Gingrich

The start of a new year is a time for reflection and opportunity. As we look forward to 2022, we should also recall what we learned as a country in 2021.

Entering a new calendar year does not erase the real challenges facing our nation that impact Americans’ daily lives. Sadly, inflation continues to skyrocket, supply chain disruptions prevail, drug overdoses soar, and homelessness is on the rise.

Although these crises remain, a new year gives us hope and reminds us of the importance of committing ourselves to real change.  A better future for America starts in our communities, neighborhoods, churches, schools, and homes.

Now is the time to determine how we, as Americans, can ensure continued prosperity and freedom for future generations. Together with our team at Gingrich 360, we came up with a series of resolutions for America for 2022.

LISTEN: First, we must listen to and have respect for our fellow Americans. Jackie Gingrich Cushman has an excellent book on this topic, entitled Our Broken America: Why Both Sides Need to Stop Ranting and Start Listening. We will certainly not all always agree, but differences of opinion are what make our nation great.  

LEARN: Next, we must take time every day to learn something new. We should learn from each other and also look beyond our normal news sources. This year, we encourage you to read one article per day that is written by someone on the opposite side of the political aisle. Hopefully, this will help provide a deeper understanding of a different point of view.

HELP: If we want to make our country safer and more prosperous, we need to get involved in our communities. Last year, homes and communities were ravaged by natural disasters, addiction, homelessness, and crime across America. We must step up, take action, and help those in need.  

LEAD: Lastly, we must lead through example and encourage our family, friends, and others to do the same. 

These resolutions are important steps to solving real problems.  Together, we can create a better future for America. 

We wish you a happy and healthy new year!