Anna Paulina Luna: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate is Just Chaos

The Biden administration’s COVID-19 mandate is rooted in politics, not science. 

It makes no sense that the Biden administration is mandating that businesses with more than 100 employees must require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 — with no medical or religious exemptions. Is this part of the administration’s plan to collapse the economy? This mandate is yet another example of the Biden administration infringing on our freedoms.  

Listen to more of Anna’s view in this audio recording.  

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Can we please talk about the fact that everything literally everything that the mainstream media said that Trump was is a hundred percent not. I mean, we know that it’s false, but they were literally describing the Biden regime, at least everything that we’re seeing coming out of the Biden quote, unquote, white house, if you even want to call it that the fact that on a Friday news cycle, that Biden decides that he’s going to drop some crazy mandate that is going to literally require. And this is a direct headline from the associated press, over a hundred million people and businesses that have over a hundred employees. Okay. Think about the number of people that this impacts and the amount of just chaos. This is causing at a corporate and then at a business, even small business level, these people to either receive and require a COVID-19 vaccination or get tested weekly orals. 

They’re gonna actually punish financially these companies. I mean, are they trying to collapse the American economy? I don’t understand the reasoning coming out of Washington DC. And maybe that’s because I’m conservative. Maybe that’s because I’m Republican and maybe that’s because I’m science-based okay. I was raised and I was taught in my college education to look at the facts and we have the facts guys. And the fact is is that this white house is completely not competent. And I don’t even think that they’re using science. I mean, what we are seeing is absolutely bizarre, but then you see, and I got to give respect and, you know, credit do where it’s due to some of these Republican governors and Republican legislators that really came out right away in multiple states across the country to say, you know what? We’re not going to deal with this. You can’t bully us. 

You can’t force these mandates. We are respecting people’s decisions to choose what they put into their body. We are respecting people’s religious freedoms, their medical freedoms. And ultimately that’s what it comes down to, right? I’m not going to argue for or against the vaccine, but I am going to argue for people’s ability to determine what they should be putting in their bodies. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing right here. And this is going to mark my words. I’ve already seen it happen. We have turning point. That’s now going to be suing. We have the daily wire, that’s going to be suing. We have a lot of big organizations that are conservative base that are not afraid to take this all the way up to the Supreme court. If they have to. And by God, I hope they do because what this Biden administration is doing is wrong. It’s completely against what the constitution states that we, that people have the decisions to have free will to do what we want. I mean, these people are drunk on power, and it’s very evident at this point, but I want to give credit to some of these governors and some of these legislators in these states, the following states have rejected. Biden’s demands to this crazy mandate. We have Alaska, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, both north and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, 

Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina. And of course the great state of Florida. Can’t we just make America, Florida. That’s what I’m saying. Make sure you tune into Luna talks with me, your host on a Paulina Luna. I have episodes that drop every Wednesday and Sunday on the iHeart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Come see me. We’ll talk about it more there.