Rubio Explains Why Cubans Are Protesting — and How America Can Help

Many Floridians, such as myself, believe in what Cubans are fighting for right now. Sen. Rubio’s advice is well thought out and necessary.

A Flash Brief from Anna Paulina Luna: 

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) penned an op-ed this week explaining why anti-government protests have broken out across Cuba and how the United States should respond. 

Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, refuted the notion that these demonstrations are the result of COVID-19 or food and medicine shortages. 

“This is not just a response to the COVID outbreak, but an unambiguous rejection of six decades of suffering under totalitarian socialism and communism,” Rubio wrote. 

The senator urged the Biden administration to act quickly and assist Cubans fighting for freedom as the Cuban government attempts to silence news and communications. Rubio also emphasized the importance of the US not only sending food and COVID vaccines but also ensuring they are given to the people — not to the regime, which may steal the supplies and exploit them as leverage against civilians. 

He also said the US should identify those committing acts of violence and ban them from entering our country. 

Rubio’s op-ed rings true for many Cuban Americans, who experienced communist, tyrannical rule in Cuba for years. America must defend the basic rights of the Cuban people and support their right to protest peacefully to foster real change. The devastation caused by the communist regime in Cuba is clear evidence that socialism and communism must never come to America. 

To read Sen. Rubio’s full piece, visit Fox News. 

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