North Korea Has a Different Kind of Firework Show Planned for America

A brief from my team at Gingrich 360: 

We may not have been hearing about North Korea and Kim Jong Un lately with all the election talk dominating the airwaves, but this does not mean that North Korea sat idly by, waiting for the US to get through the election. Instead, North Korea used its time out of the media’s spotlight to create a missile capable of being launched from a submarine.  

Kim Jong Un revealed his newest death device during a military demonstration in a nighttime parade in Pyongyang. North Korean media is referring to this, and a similar missile being developed in Nampo, as “the world’s most powerful weapon.”  

Kim Jong Un’s advertisement of his newest weapon marks a return to aggressive posturing by North Korea to the world. Experts have warned to be ready for upcoming action, as a historically unused barge was moved to a dock in November, suggesting North Korea is “preparing to use the barge for a launch” soonThis is especially unnerving since Kim Jong Un recently called the United States his country’s “biggest enemy.” The Biden administration is going to have a lot to deal with from North Korea.  

Biden will most likely try to implement the unsuccessful “strategic patience” doctrine adopted by the Obama administration, which would bet that economic hardships would force North Korea to lie dormant once again. Kim Jong Un is not so willing to back down and claims that he is done listening to the United Nations Security Council and the rules to end nuclear testing. Kim Jong Un is signaling to the Biden Administration that his cooperation will be worth a high price.  

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