Newt’s World – Episode 184: The Rush to Impeach Trump

John Solomon, Editor in Chief of joins Newt to discuss the three questions remaining about the Capitol attack, the rush to impeach President Trump, the McCarthy – Cheney split, and what we can expect next.

Guest: John Solomon

Capital Riot

Rush to Judgement? Three Crucial Questions Remain Unanswered about Capitol Siege – Just The News

FBI Releases Picture of Man Wanted for Questioning in Connection with Capitol Police Officer’s Death – Just The News

Former Soviet Leader Gorbachev Says He Knows Who Plotted the Siege on U.S. Capitol – Just The News

Authorities Chase ‘Plausible Wild Cards’ and Other Leads on Breaching of U.S. Capitol – Just The News

Anti-Trump Activist Admits He Was in Capitol as Journalist During Riot – Just The News

Senate Announces Bipartisan Probe Into ‘Security Failures’ in Capitol Siege – Just The News


House Narrowly Votes to Demand Pence Invoke 25th Amendment, VP Declines To Do It – Just The News

Trump Says ‘Tremendous Anger’ Over Impeachment, but Wants ‘No Violence’ – Just The News

Pelosi Says She’s Taken Steps to Prevent Trump from ‘Using the Nuclear Codes’ and ‘Ordering’ Strike – Just The News

Trump Cabinet Member on 25th Amendment: ‘We’re Not Doing It,’ says Trump Wants Smooth Transition – Just The News

Cheney-McCarthy Rift

The Cheney-McCarthy Rift Busts Open – Politico


Quarter of Americans Believe it’s Time for U.S. to Split into Separate Red, Blue Countries – Just The News

Trump Legacy

One of Trump’s Biggest Unfulfilled Promises: Russia Declassification – Just The News

Mike Huckabee: Trump ‘Has Sullied His Own Good Reputation’ – Just The News

National Security

Beijing Holds Military Exercises Ahead of U.S. Official’s High-Level Visit to Taiwan – Just The News