Are We Living in the World of 1984?

It can be downright eerie to see how prominent writers, filmmakers, and artists of the past seem to predict the future in their work. Most recently, George Orwell’s cautionary tale Nineteen Eighty-Four has come to mind given recent political and social circumstances. 

Canadian author Mark Steyn provided insights on why the book is so important and what it means in our world today. The threat of the Soviet Union and nuclear war when Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four may not relatable now, however, other aspects of the book are still prevalent. Election manipulation, media suppression, and other dystopian aspects teach valuable lessons to readers. Steyn summarizes the allure of the novel well stating: “It is the rich and plausible social detail of the future he conjured that makes it such a gripping tale to this day.” 

This past year has been challenging in almost every area of life, and the start of 2021 is already worrying manyOrwell’s ideas regarding society still hold importance and are worth studying to everyone.  

To hear more from Mark Steyn, click here.

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